Efficiently develop and take your product to market

Rhino Acceleration Program
by NuBinary and Prosh Marketing

We help you deliver scalable software, so that you can focus on your business.

Rhino is a virtual acceleration program we built to help startups fund, build and market their MVPs. We’re launching our inaugaural cohort in January and are taking applications.

The Rhino Advantages

Launch your product with real code

While no code is inflexible, low code is unscalable. Future proof your product launch with real code through the Rhino Virtual Acceleration Program.

Focus on your business leave the development to us!

Spend less time on developing commoditized components like signups, APIs and analytics. Double down on your customer acquisition, retention and recurring revenue instead.

Increased cost savings and efficiency in development

Reduce the cost of development by 30 to 80% percent and speed up process by 80%. Get a strong foundation to build your product upon with strong and scalable code.

This program is ideal for:

  • Building a new MVP with some customer validation
  • Any SaaS and IoT focused solution
  • Revamping an existing solution
  • Maturing a product development strategy
  • Building technology products that scale
  • Developing a sound go-to-market strategy aligned with product objectives

Start-25 Package

  • Target market size of $10M+
  • Reasonable validation of the idea or problem, depending on the sage or type of company
  • The potential of piloting with early adopters
  • Receive up to $75K of total cost of development
  • A $25K investment is required from the company
  • 8-12 weeks

Start-50 Package

  • Target market size of $100M+
  • Reasonable traction depending on the stage or type of the company
  • Seed capital raised
  • Strong industry knowledge amongst founders
  • The potential of piloting with early adopters
  • Receive up to $200K of total cost of development
  • A $50K investment is required from the company
  • 12-24 weeks

Rhino for Web Applications:

Get all the tools and capabilities you need to build a flexible and scalable SaaS solution.

  • Access Control – Authentication and social logins
  • Integration Ready – Integrate with key vendors in minutes
  • Scalable Code – Code that you can own and scale
  • Full Frontend – Presentable navigation and layout
  • Responsive UI – Seamless experience across platforms
  • Full Backend – Admin interface, file uploads and more
  • Security – Secure and privacy compliant
  • Quick Deployment – Easy GitHub setup + Heroku deployment

Rhino for IoT:

Get a framework to manage collect, visualize and analyze data from IoT devices.

  • Device Management – Manage, control and update your devices securely
  • Visualization – Go beyond dashboards by unlocking new potential through data
  • Data Collection and Transformation – Reliably capture and store data to ensure its analytics ready
  • Analytics and Insights – Analyse your data to gather new insights and improve performance

Marketing Strategy

Work with a marketing team experienced in launching and scaling products with tight budgets.

Positioning / Market Map

Beat the competition by standing out through competitive intel

Messaging Framework

Leverage the right message to showcase your products values

Marketing Objectives

Define your GTM goals with clear performance metrics in mind

Sales & Marketing Funnel

Develop the right channel strategy for every stage of the funnel

Persona Development

Know your customer’s needs, wants and aspirations

Value Proposition

Map pains and gains to your product and/or service

Buyer Journey Map

Chart the purchasing process and influences at every step of the way

Marketing Tactics

Get a list of tactics to implement which can be followed by a junior marketer

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Apply for our Program by Dec 20!

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