Meet our team

Meet our team

Nubinary Team Member: Ehsan Mirdamadi - Partner at NuBinary

Ehsan Mirdamadi,

Partner & CEO

Ehsan draws on 18 years of enterprise computer networks, storage and cloud infrastructure experience. He was the founder and CEO of one of the largest and the first cloud computing companies in Canada, Cirrus Tech Ltd.

He is also a serial entrepreneur, an active angel investor and a mentor at many technology companies. Ehsan holds a BSc in Computer Science from York University.

Nubinary Team Member: Sina Sadeghian - Partner at NuBinary

Sina Sadeghian,

Partner & Fractional CTO

Sina is an avid software architect and developer. He has built and led high performing web and mobile development teams, co-founded a successful tech startup and previously worked as a software engineer at various companies including IBM. Sina is a University of Waterloo Computer Science Masters graduate.
Nubinary Team Member: JP- Partner at NuBinary

JP Rosevear,

Partner & Fractional CTO

JP brings to the table 25 years of extensive industry experience, spanning both startups and large enterprises, with a diverse range of leadership roles at renowned companies such as Nova (Polar), Novell, and Mozilla. As a seasoned Fractional CTO, JP has collaborated with numerous startups, including PUSH (which successfully exited to WHOOP in 2021), to build and nurture high-performing teams that emphasize scalable and repeatable technology development processes. With a deep understanding of various industries, JP's expertise offers invaluable insights and guidance for businesses looking to innovate and grow.

Nubinary Team Member: Alireza- Partner at NuBinary

Alireza Sharifi,

Partner & Fractional CTO

Alireza is a software engineering PhD from the University of Waterloo. His research interests include Machine Learning and Security. Alireza applies software engineering theory and practice to solve industry problems. Alireza brings years of experience in software consulting including vulnerability consulting at TELUS Labs, where he researched and analyzed remotely accessible applications including web, DNS, and proxy servers. As a CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), he has helped many companies to comply with security and privacy standards and regulations.

Yousuf Khatib,

Director of Business Development

Yousuf is a serial entrepreneur who has leveraged his recruitment, networking and sales experience to help grow teams to penetrate new markets globally. In 2017, a cold email would land him an opportunity to co-found Global Skills Hub (GSH). For the past four years GSH has been supplying senior technical talent from abroad to the Canadian Ecosystem including clients like Loblaw Digital, Versapay and TWG/Deloitte Digital. When the pandemic hit, Yousuf shifted his focus into recovery projects knowing that skilled immigration could play an important part. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed by bridging access to world class resources at Nubinary. Yousuf has a young family of three kids (twins!) and his wife jokes daily that they learned sales from him way too early.


Alyssa Mariano,

Operations Manager

Alyssa has years of experience as a project manager in telecommunications and fintech, where she handled projects in paid public Wi-Fi, AI model for marketing, and credit card sales. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Alyssa is an abstract painter who sold high-end paintings worldwide. She leads the overall management of NuBinary’s operations while embracing strategy, design, and performance improvement to create the organization’s highest level of efficiency.

Mark Langley

Mark Langley,

Fractional CTO

Mark has 30 years of software development experience, 20 of them as an executive. An aerospace engineer by training, he started his career applying neural networks to autopilots for high-performance target drones. Mark then co-founded and led the technical teams at a company that delivered AI-driven performance support tools to top names in aviation, defense and automotive. More recently, he has built and guided teams developing products in the medical rehab, finance, media, and training industries. A generalist by nature, Mark's interests span business processes, culture, and team-building in addition to a broad range of technologies.

Mario Meyer,

Associate Partner and Fractional CTO

Mario is a 20 years experienced technology leader with solid background in infrastructure, software development, governance and strategy. He has passages from startups to big companies in diversified verticals like technology, telecom, education, manufacturing and O&G. Every step of the way Mario has led technology teams to deliver the higher possible value to each company’s business through innovation, re-imagination and team building. Mario holds an BSc in Computer Sciences from PUC-Rio / University of Alberta and an MBA in Strategic Management from FGV with an Entrepreneurship course from Babson College.

Mahesh Tripunitara,

Chief Scientist

Mahesh V. Tripunitara is a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. He has had previous industry experience including four years in software development at Silicon Valley, and three years in research with the Security and Privacy Technology Lab at Motorola's corporate R&D Labs. Since 2013, Professor Tripunitara has been a Program Committee member at conferences such as the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS), the ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY), and the ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT). Professor Tripunitara’s main research area of interest is information security and his projects involve both fundamental and applied aspects. He has completed work in authorization and access control, cryptographic key transport, secure payments, usable security, and security and reliability of computer hardware.

Angelo Berios,

Fractional CTO

Angelo is a seasoned technical leader with over 20 years experience building software and leading engineering teams. Having focused much of his career on helping early stage startups progress from conception to acquisition, he understands the importance of testing a startup's hypotheses early and utilizing real-world data to feed into future iterations of a product. His experience spans a wide range of verticals ranging from real estate, events/social, commerce, media, education, finance, and ad networks.

Dave McKay,

Fractional CTO

Dave is a Fractional CTO and Decentralized Architect. He has over 35 years of experience in the software industry. His current focus is on systems designed around the new paradigm of decentralized trust systems like blockchain and self-sovereign identity. Dave is currently a Partial Load Professor at the George Brown College Blockchain Development Program, Identity Architect at Northern Block, Fractional CTO at Artcryption and the Technical Lead at the Ryerson Cybersecurity Research Lab. Past positions include Vice President of Engineering at VitalHub, Vice-President New Product Initiatives at TransGaming and Vice-President of Technology at New Media Architects.

Boken Lin,

Fractional CTO

Boken is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience starting, operating, and scaling technology startups. He has built teams that are behind a wide range of successful products from consumer apps to enterprise hardware. Boken is specialized in building agile teams that are focused on converging to product market fit as quick as possible.

Nubinary Team Member: Samuel - Full-Stack Software Engineer at NuBinary

Sutha Tharma,

Fractional CTO

Sutha has over 15+ years of managerial and leadership success in software, cloud and technology operations working with small and large organizations. He is fascinated by tales of individuals with small ideas having a huge impact on the society and has always dreamt of being part of such an endeavor himself. Sutha has an eye for innovation and has built talented teams to create and deploy cutting edge technologies, scale solutions and build revenue streams. Sutha holds a Masters in Computer Applications and has a keen interest in how technology can be used to improve social well-being in the way we live, work and communicate.


Arpan Paul,

Fractional CTO

Arpan is an accomplished technology consultant with 15 years of experience in software development and strategy. He has a proven record of solving difficult and complex business issues through the application of value driven and innovative technology. He's worked on a wide variety of tech initiatives in industries spanning media entertainment, health, telecom and video streaming. He is passionate about leveraging creative IT strategies and insights enabling customers' successful growth and transformation. He holds a masters in computer science from Louisiana Tech University.


Sonal Bagga,

Fractional CTO

Sonal has software engineering experience of over 2 decades in companies like Goldman Sachs, Motorola,, Boston Consulting Group with softwares ranging from embedded cellphone applications, .NET, Node.JS, React JS based web applications and platform engineering in various cloud systems. She started her career as a software engineer, has a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University and has headed startup engineering teams as CTO for various ventures taking them from the 0-1 stage and also in more mature software engineering practices leading 2nd iteration projects to improve software stability and reliability. Her industry experience is in but not limited to fin-tech, health-tech, marketplace and e-commerce businesses.


Glenn Korban,

Fractional CTO

Glenn is a technical executive with over 20 years leading teams and driving technology projects - primarily in web development and content management. Most recently, Glenn has been the co-founder and CTO of FlashVote, which reinvents community input, providing scientific community preference data for local governments. His career experience includes both enterprise and startup environments spanning a variety of verticals including local government, energy, digital advertising, counter-intelligence, and others. Glenn holds a B.S. (Eng) from Cornell University is a former officer of the US Air Force.

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Mehdi Karimi,

Fractional CTO

Mehdi has a PhD in cybersecurity from UBC and the best paper top-tier conference award winner on dependable systems and networks. He has 15 years of experience in high-tech and fin-tech industries from delivering research and development in large firms to onboarding security and privacy compliance in startups. His forte is innovation and engineering for security and automation platforms. Mehdi has been a leader in driving top-notch work and managing engineering teams up to 100. He holds two patents in application security as well as numerous publications in IEEE and ACM societies. Between 2009 and 2021, Mehdi had had R&D collaborations at Intel, GE, MDA, Sierra-Wireless, and Sophos; where he had materialized first-class proposals into production. His innovative post-silicon code coverage solution is still being used at Intel since 2009.


Hussain Sheikh,

Fractional CTO

Hussain has over a decade of experience building teams and software for a wide range of applications, from live streaming video engines, to consumer games. Having served as a CTO at multiple startups, Hussain has a keen eye for building strong foundations, be it for products in terms of architecture and customer-driven roadmapping, or an engineering team, in terms of recruiting, culture, and retention. Hussain holds a BSc from the University of Waterloo in Mechatronics.

Isadora Barros,

Senior Full-stack Software Engineer

Isadora is a senior full-stack software engineer and has worked developing software for the past 8 years. In the past 2 years acted as Tech Lead in two projects. She participated in a mentorship program in her past company which helped developers to grow in their careers and also is passionate about initiatives to empower women in tech like Pyladies and Rails Girls. She holds a BSc in Computer Science from UFPE - Brazil / Coimbra University – Portugal.

Silas Pedrosa,

Senior Full-stack Software Engineer

Silas is a senior full-stack software engineer and has been designing, leading and developing products for the past 7 years. He co-founded a software firm which not only brought to market a handful of their own products, but also helped other small and big companies to design and develop their own projects. Silas is a very adaptable professional who can be a full-stack engineer and work in variety of technologies. Always looking at the big picture, Silas drives his work focusing on value delivered to people. Silas holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from UFPE - Brazil / Lund University - Sweden.


Derek Galbraith,

Full-stack Software Engineer

Derek is a web application professional with over 7 years experience. He has been a full-stack developer working with PHP, Laravel, React,= and MySQL. Derek has worked on commercial web applications for GM, Mazda, Mercedes, Toyota and many others. With a focus on improving load times, responsiveness, load management and scalability. Derek has a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Computer Engineering from McMaster University.


Luiz Silva,

Senior Full-stack Software Engineer

Luiz is a senior full-stack software engineer and has been leading teams and developing products for the past 8 years. He has Co-founded been CTO of two companies and developed a handful of projects and frameworks over his career. His ever-growing knowledge covers topics from high-performance frontend to scalable cloud infrastructures.


Bruno Moreira,

Senior Full-stack Software Engineer

Bruno is a software developer, mainly working with Laravel, React and AWS in the past years, has always worked in early-stage startups and helped to develop and shape company architecture and infrastructure. He has held CTO and tech lead positions and has a Computer Science bachelor degree from a Federal university in Brazil, coding since age 16 and always looking to expand his skillset.

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Higor André Quintão,

Senior Full-stack Software Engineer

Higor is a Senior Software Engineer that has been working as a Full-Stack engineer for 10 years. Higor co-founded two software companies, where he led teams and design different types of software work with Python, NodeJS, and C#, React.JS, React Native, and Angular, including Mobile Applications and Web Applications. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from the Federal University of Goias.



Aïko Thurlow - Advisor at NuBinary

Aïko Thurlow,


Aïko is the CEO and Founder of InFounders, an organization that runs masterminds for entrepreneurs. She also hosts monthly Mastermind Express events for a community of 20,000 entrepreneurs in Toronto, enabling them to discover the power of peer collaboration.

Aïko has been active in the New York and Toronto startup space. She has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and is closely knit to the local entrepreneurial community, lecturing at universities and participating in the organization of events such as Propelify (one of the largest NY innovation events), Startup Weekends, and the Women Techmaker Conference.

Steve Gilpin,


Steve has been an entrepreneur since the mid 80’s, starting or co-founding 4 companies. In 1993 Steve co-founded Centtric Marketing Systems, a technology driven marketing services company. Since that beginning, the company evolved into a technology and marketing services company with a strong focus on the life and health insurance industry. Steve and his partner sold their business to one of their former clients.

Steve then embarked on a new ‘career’ as an angel investor. In the past number of years he has invested in a number of different start-up companies. Steve is a strong believer in investing time as well as money and serves on the board of some of his companies, and provides regular advice to others. In 2012 Steve was recognized as the Golden Triangle Angel Network’s 2012 Angel of the Year, and he currently serves on GTAN’s Selection Committee and Board of Directors.

Benton Leong - Advisor at NuBinary

Benton Leong,


Benton is an active angel investor in the Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN), located in the Waterloo Region. GTAN has provided funding to over 75 early stage companies in southern Ontario. In the past, Benton has held teaching and research positions in computer science at University of California, Berkeley, Penn State University and the University of Waterloo. Benton co-founded four local companies and started numerous community initiatives.At Communitech, Benton has served as a mentor for social venture startups. He also helps other companies with the finding and cultivating of the right partners as part of their business development.
For companies that are seeking financing, he provides advice on how to find investors and how to pitch successfully to them. He serves as an advisor, grant reviewer, or investment advisor for OCE, the IAF, TiEQuest, and Shenzhen Sci Innovation Centre. Benton currently chairs the Selection Committee for GTAN.Benton was the Co-founder and CEO of Prolexion, President of Radical Flow Inc., Co-founder and Director of Business Development with Maplesoft and a former Research Manager of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.
Benton holds many awards for teaching as well as community development in the investment ecosystem. He serves as a board member for multiple ventures and is a volunteer for various non-profit organizations.

Sector Interests:
Education, Digital Publishing, NLP and Machine Learning, IoT, Social Ventures, Intelligent Cars and Transportation Networks.

Jesse Moeinifar - Advisor at NuBinary

Jesse Moeinifar,


Jesse is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Viafoura, servicing over 600 media, broadcast and entertainment brands worldwide, and powering more than 1.5 billion interactions across 250 million active users. Viafoura enables content providers to better build, manage and monetize their content, audience and data in real-time.

He is a serial entrepreneur with previous successes spanning a range of industries including finance, real estate, digital media and technology. Assembling teams of smart individuals passionate about solving challenging problems is what Jesse attributes his successes to.

Aïko Thurlow - Advisor at NuBinary

Frank Erschen,


Frank is a well-known coach/mentor/investor who has worked with founders across Canada as well as with companies from Brazil, India, the Caribbean, and Australia. He developed The Artful Science of Pitching™ to reflect a practical combination of his knowledge and experience from multiple perspectives including:

  • Entrepreneur (co-founder: Powernoodle, Global Music Depot, Katapult Business Solutions ) with:
    • Deep operations experience having performed in five different C-type positions at various companies – chair, CEO, CFO, CIO, Chief Strategy Officer, and
    • Strong fundraising performance having directly raised over $40M while in C-roles;
  • Angel investor with a robust portfolio (2011 Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) Angel of the Year);
  • Investment committee member (Laurier Start-up Fund);
  • Coach/mentor/educator (frequently invited by Propel ICT, Venn, Founder Institute, MaRS, Guelph Accelerator Centre, and various universities & colleges; EIR at Communitech; member NACO Academy); and an
  • Active contributor to the start-up ecosystem (2013 GTAN Community Builder of the Year; significant contributor to A Practical Guide to Angel Investing (Gedeon, Steven A., NACO Academy, 2016; coach to several program cohorts including Commuitech’s Hyperdrive, Rev, and Fierce Founders and the JEDI (Joint Economic Development Initiative) program’s support for Aboriginal entrepreneurs in New Brunswick; chaired pitch competitions in Montreal, Quebec City, various cities in Ontario, Banff, and Vancouver).

Prior to his past dozen years in the start-up ecosystem, Frank’s foundation comes from 15 years at IBM and 10 years at Bank of Montreal (BMO) in a variety of roles in Canada and the US including technical, technical sales, consulting, and executive roles. He is a past director of: Powernoodle, Top Hat, Mii Corp, GTAN, and Angel Investors Ontario, and a past governor of Wilfrid Laurier University.

In the delivery of The Artful Science of Pitching™, Frank focuses on developing and continuously improving pitch content, flow, and delivery to attract investment or partners or for selling. Frank’s unique approach uses the pitch to gain insight into a company’s strategy, technology, and operations which enables him to uncover and help solve deeper misalignments in the company. Much more than a pitch coach, Frank’s personalized methodical approach and attention to detail have earned him a reputation for delivering high value advice and guidance to founders (all stages) and accelerators (all industries).


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