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We believe that building a successful tech product is more than writing well-written code.

Reduce costs and time to market

Avoid Technology Overbuilds

Accelerate Innovation

Eliminate technology development ambiguities for the founders

Create a clear understanding of how and when raise Capital to scale

If you’re a MedTech Innovator in Canada

We’ll help you achieve all above by:

NuBinary - Venture Jumpstart - Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping & MVP Development

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, focus on your core value proposition when it comes to product development for your startup. We have developed powerful tools and methodologies over the years, in order to quickly build your minimum viable product while minimizing the time to market and reducing the costs.

Our rapid MVP development framework provides commonly used components such as authentication, notifications, payments and many other features out of the box and lets you focus your resources on solving your customers’ core problems and delivering value instead of paying for commoditized software components.

Embrace Agile and Lean Startup Methodologies with the Help of Our Experts

Efficient product development requires the adoption of industry-proven methodologies to avoid the common mistakes in product development processes. Our team has decades of collective experience helping and leading startups and established companies in adapting Agile and Lean Startup methodologies. We believe these are the roads to success for startups and beyond. We not only help you build efficiently, but also minimize your time-to-market, risk of over-building and the risk of relying on assumptions rather than user feedback in our product development process.

NuBinary - Venture Jumpstart - Agile Methodology

NuBinary’s Process

1Introductory Meeting
2Discovery Session
3Product and Architectural Design
4Roadmap & Final Proposal
5Development Kick-off


SaaS SocialNetworks ecommerce marketplaces

Product Development Services
Web & Mobile Application Development

Front end and back end technologies
In our opinion, mobile-first responsive frontend implementation is a must because most traffic today comes from mobile devices. User-friendliness, ease of use and a bug-free user interface is the key to having happy users. We use modern frameworks such as React and Angular that structures your code base well and scalable.
We have years of experience building high quality intuitive mobile applications. Our go-to platform for mobile application development is React Native. React Native reduces costs significantly by sharing the same code base for different platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.
However, we are not limited to React Native
for mobile application development. We are fully capable of implementing native Android and iOS applications using Java, Kotlin, Objective-C and Swift. That implementation may be necessary when sophisticated requirements arrive, or we need to directly use native mobile such as a mobile application Software Development Kit (SDK).

What our clients love about NuBinary

Kaveh Raeesi
Co-Founder, COO

NuBinary services have reduced costs and ensured that the product works correctly, meeting users needs and running smoothly. The team meets all deadlines and budget requirements, while always working professionally and providing clear updates about project progress.

Mike Dixon
CEO and Founder

NuBinary was fantastic to work with as a Fractional CTO service. The Fractional CTO we worked with was extremely well experienced and did a great job reviewing our development and proceeded to make excellent suggestions on how to further improve our stack. I highly recommend NuBinary to any software start-up in need of an independent review.

Amin Amiri

I paid a premium to add a fractional CTO to my team & as a technical founder I was a little hesitant at the beginning but what happened later changed the course of actions for our startup. Aside from having the right technical skills, attitude & deep understanding of the startup situation is what stands out about our experience with NuBinary. I rank them among the top world class tech resources that would be very difficult & costly to find elsewhere.

Babak Shahmansouri

NuBinary team did an amazing job in helping Storybolt with their fCTO service. Not only they helped us develop our technology roadmap meticulously and enhance it on an ongoing basis, but also they are helping us in recruiting vendors and new team members to execute it. NuBinary services have ensured that our platform works smoothly for our clients. I rank them among the top tech resources for both early-stage and growth-stage startups.

Kara LeBlanc
Med Reddie

NuBinary did an excellent job helping Med Reddie strategize product development options through their Venture Jumpstart Program. Mohammed and Sina’s prompt, client-centric approach towards mapping out the technical diligence was one of the best investments for the company.

Tim Leys
Consumer Intelligence Group (CiG)

Nubinary gave me confidence in their approach right from the beginning and connected us to the right CTO resources that aligned with our business challenges. Nubinary, once engaged, quickly assessed the state of our technology stack and the team and immediately began implementing changes and having an impact on productivity. With the help of Nubinary our development team moral is high, our stack has been modernized and we were able to release a newer more stable version of our platform all while migrating from on prem to the cloud. I would highly recommend the Nubinary approach to any tech based company looking to make strategic (and often scary) technology transformations.

Nancy White
Chief Executive Officer

NuBinary has been Inagene’s trusted technology partner since our inception. They have provided fractional Chief Technology Officer support and helped grow our development team. They have partnered with us to support difficult technical requirements for work we are doing with a foreign government, all while helping maintain, enhance and further develop our proprietary software.
NuBinary always provided prompt, professional, and thorough plans for product development that ensured we designed a scalable product. NuBinary services have helped us achieve a “Best-In-Class technology platform” that is receiving accolades from both consumers and experienced healthcare professionals. Our differentiated technology has helped us gain new business.
“I rank them among the top world class tech resources. They have exceeded my expectations and help me appropriately manage my costs.”

Shiva Darvishi
Micellae Delivery Systems Inc.
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

The Nubinary team is not only made of experts but also wonderful individuals. They generously shared their knowledge and network of contacts with us. Nubinary connected us with a high caliber industry expert who later became our Senior Strategy Advisor and plays an instrumental role in the success of our company. I highly recommend Nubinary as they bring in an unmatched level of knowledge and expertise.

Anthony Gatti, PhD
Founder & CEO

NuBinary did an impeccable job building the web platform for my startup NeuralSeg. They provided prompt, professional, and thorough plans for product development that ensured we designed a scalable product that is ready for future growth. Throughout development, Sina and his team worked to over-deliver on the proposed plans, providing a product that will serve us well in the long run. NuBinary continues to provide us with support and guidance on development of our platform, providing answers based on what is best for our current and future growth. I highly recommend NuBinary and their services.


In-it Logo
Shiva F.

NuBinary was an immense help for our startup, especially since this was our first startup and we didn’t have technical (CS or web development) background. They filled up our CTO seat and helped us with strategizing the product development of our MVP. They were fantastic at understanding our business objectives and didn’t do anything just because it’s the norm or it just sounds good. Also, they were like an in-house team member for us and were very professional yet friendly in all their interactions with all their interactions with our team and us, which I believe was very important for our remote team.

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